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School Songs

You're a Grand Old School 

You're a grand old school.

You're a high-ranking school.

You're the best, east or west, we all say. 

Here the kids are smart, and do their part,

We're loyal to you every day.


All our hearts beat true

For the white and the blue.

We're the best school in every way.

We're 100 years strong, don't forget!

Keep your eye on our grand old school!





*Sing to the tune of "You're a Grand Ol' Flag"

Farewell to Vinedale 

So long to Vinedale

This is farewell.

Spelling's a snap

watch me S-P-E-L-L.

I mastered fractions.

See how I add.

I've always been very good at math except when I've been bad.

You know that I know my science.

Want me to read?

I know my words, now all I need is speed.

I've been educated up to my ears

and there's the final bell!

Good ol' Vinedale, fare thee well!