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Our Legacy

Serving the Sun Valley Community Since 1888

Vinedale College Preparatory Academy is a school community rich with history. Our school dates back to the late 1800s when

Old School House

William McClure donated land in 1884 for a school to be built at the intersection of Penrose and Wildwood Streets. Vinedale, was a beautiful one room schoolhouse, built in 1888, and was originally called Orange Cove for the many orange groves in the area.  It provided an education to the growing community's children from Kindergarten to the eighth grade...history really does repeat itself!  The bell would ring out at nine a.m., the children hitched their mules or horses to the post located at the side of the school. At recess the teacher drew water from the well for her students and during the cold winters that teacher would stoke a fire for her students. Although the school was small, it was mighty and it would play an important role as the town changed around it. 

The classroom

In 1917, Los Angeles expanded their city limits and our little schoolhouse was annexed into the Los Angeles Unified School District. Thus began our 100 years of tradition and excellence. By 1926, more room was needed for all of the new students in the community to attend school. Orange Cove was moved to its current location on La Tuna Canyon Road and called Vinedale Elementary.

Many challenging events have befallen our little school, from the freeze in 1926, the depression of 1929, the fire in 1955, and the great flood of 1956. Even the opening of Roscoe Elementary in the early 1900s threatened the closing of Vinedale Elementary but the parents and community kept our little school from closing. 

Our School

Vinedale has also been a trendsetter, providing the best options for its students. Vinedale was the first school in Sun Valley to organize a Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) to deepen the connection between Vinedale and her families. Through Vinedale's PTA many events and activities were planned bringing the whole community together.

Vinedale has also been graced by the donations of famous celebrities. In 1923, Mary Pickford, a famous silent movie actress, planted a pine tree in the school's original front yard. When Vinedale changed locations in 1926, the pine tree followed. You can still see this pine tree outside our office today!  


Presently, Vinedale is a Pre-K - 7th grade school. We will open our 8th grade class in Fall 2020!  We still offer a small school setting nestled within the tranquil and beautiful Sun Valley hills. We provide quality programs that ensure every student succeeds. Our diverse teaching staff is experienced. The majority of our teachers have master’s degrees and all of them enjoy working with students and their families.  Our students take great pride in being respectful, responsible, and safe. Vinedale provides a clean, secure, and positive learning environment.  Although the school might look slightly different each year, it continues to be a nurturing home. Vinedale educated our parents and grandparents and we look forward to continuing in the tradition of educating the children for years to come.